Treasure Trove Cove: Another Week, Another Haul

This took longer than I meant it to! Things have been a little too crazy around here lately. It feels like this semester is tests on top of tests on top of projects, so all the extra workload is definitely taking a chunk out of my already sparse game-time. Not that that’s really unusual for the middle of the semester; I usually have 3-4 months of a gaming lull while I’m at school, and make up for it by becoming a machine over my breaks (I plowed through 14 games over my 6 week winter break, and that was with being relatively caught up in doing stuff I wanted to do while I was home in the States). Digressing aside, I finally got some time to write this out, so onto the pictures and stuff! Read the rest of this page »


Treasure Trove Cove : New Games Since Winter

Long time no post! Since coming back overseas I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t had the time to write… but I’m going to make an attempt to change that by starting a weekly or monthly goal to keep me current.


Sadly, I haven’t beaten that many games since my last post (with the exception of some of the ‘currently playing’ games I’d written about, but I’d already given a pretty good impression of my thoughts on them).


So in place of game reviews, when I don’t have any to write, I’m going to post pictures and explanations of my newest acquisitions! Though it’s stretching quite a ways back, I’ll list back to Christmas just to have a starting date. And this time, I’ll add the bonus of a figure I found in my mailbox when I moved back to Japan! Read the rest of this page »

Winter Break Game Roundup

I feel bad for the huge gap since my last post… but I’ve been enjoying glorious winter break. Between the ¬†fatigue from my daily commute, my usual class-related stress, and the feeling of shock from living in a different culture for the first time I was ready for a nice, long vacation full of sleep, friends, and games. And I went especially heavy on the games.

I’ve been home for only three-and-a-half weeks and I’ve managed to beat or complete twelve games in that time, and start four others of note. I didn’t want to do a huge post for each one, so… I figured I’d condense them all into a mega-post of drive-by reviews and first impressions. Read the rest of this page »

On Location: Tokyo Game Show

I told myself I was going to make this post months ago after the show itself… but procrastination and the feeling of constantly being busy sort of delayed it a bit. I don’t actually have a lot to write about the show itself… the rooms were dark, the lights were bright, the crowd was suffocating and claustrophobic, and it was loud as hell. But it was still a pretty rockin’ experience, despite the fact that I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours, had about 5 hours of sleep, and was zombie-ing my way through the show rooms, all the while seriously checking out the incredibly attractive hordes of women they had set up what felt like every two feet. Like a boss.


WARNING: Post is very image-heavy.

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Fandom Gets Physical: Tales of Vesperia Figure Set

I only got the idea for this last night; as someone who likes collecting game merchandise of games I love as much as playing them, I have a bit of a collection of random merch from my favorites, from figures to books to anything in between. Some of it is gorgeous to display, some of it is just fun. I’ll be using this category to post pictures/comments on different pieces in my collection. This will be easier to do once I get home (and expect a very, very big Pokemon themed post, complete with Burger King toys), since that’s where most of my collection is… but for now, I do have some stuff that I bought with my school-provided food money here in Japan.

I’ll start off with my new figure set from my favorite game, as I love the figures and it’s worth giving the luck Backloggers who claimed the extras a preview! Here’s the Tales of Vesperia One Coin Grande Figure Collection by Kotobukiya! (click on the thumbnails for larger pictures!) And sorry for the slightly blurry photos; I was perched precariously on the end of my bed while I was snapping these. Read the rest of this page »

The Winter Crunch: Prioritizing the Priorities

First things first: I love studying abroad. So far it’s been a great experience. Every day is a learning experience, I’ve improved in my understanding of Japanese language and culture, and I’m having a blast while I do it.


But when you’re largely removed from most means of your favorite hobby for a few months, you start to get antsy. I have my PSP and my DS, yes, but my love for my consoles and their constantly growing backlog is strong. Not even having my hands on a controller for the past three-and-a-half months has resulted in me squirming in my seat to get back to the action, and the best way to relieve that tension? Of course, it’s talking about what games I intend to prioritize! Because that can’t possibly backfire and just make me want to game even more. Read the rest of this page »

30 Days of Gaming, Day 9: Saddest Game Scene

Spoiler’s for Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, though if you’ve played Final Fantasy VII the ending to Crisis Core shouldn’t be a spoiler, anyway. I think that’s what ultimately makes it awful; you go into the game knowing how it’s going to end and there’s nothing you can really do to stop it.

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